Blue Lobster Home

Blue Lobster Home is a design company that was founded on our ever-growing appreciation and appeal for the captivating coastal Maine artistry, architecture, and design. We are fortunate to awaken each day to the fresh, salty air, crashing waves and avid sunshine. These beautiful, Maine elements inspired us to offer design and staging services to the Greater Portland and Midcoast areas. Our designers offer a variety of services from basic consultations to full house staging, shopping, prepping for sale, coordinating with contractors, organization, design and stocking AirBnB rentals, home restyling/updating and design for new construction projects.

We focus on creating a lifestyle and telling a story about your property with unparallel attention to detail and harmonious styles. We have immersed ourselves in the local artistry and are thrilled to prominently display these beautiful creations in our design work while supporting the many talented local artists along with local furniture and décor vendors.

With a thoughtful approach, our goal is to assist in protecting your investment whether it be for resale or creating an inviting space to fit your Maine lifestyle. Our services are as unique and distinctive as the blue lobster itself. We love Maine, we love design, and we love what we do. We would consider ourselves lucky and honored to be able to serve as your design expert.

With Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Kylie Norton – Vice President/Principal Designer


Work With Us

We wanted our services to be as unique and distinctive as the blue lobster itself. Dedicated to you. Contact us today to start your home searching journey!