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Dina specializes in residential and multi-family dwellings in the greater Portland area; additionally, she has vast expertise in the Portland condominium market. Most of her clients are referrals who range from first-time buyers to investors to new comers relocating from other parts of the country.

Dina is passionate about serving the local community with their real estate needs and enjoys providing guidance to her clients as they become acquainted with the market and throughout the process of buying and selling. She prides herself on ensuring that her clients make solid and well informed investment decisions in the ever-changing real estate market.

Furthermore, Dina is profoundly committed to concluding all of her transactions with clients who have experienced the utmost level of satisfaction from beginning to end. It is Dina's goal that her clients' real estate decisions are made after careful consideration of all the options available to them.  Her flexibility and attention to the client's particular needs and circumstances allows her to provide a superior level of real estate investment service. 

As part of her personal interests, Dina devotes time to discovering new hiking experiences, traveling the world, delving into the possibility of mastering new languages and practicing her impeccable Spanish (Dina is 100% bilingual), and enjoying her time at home. 

Dina Skrabalak is an agent with extensive professional experience and a caring and friendly manner who will earn and keep your trust as you embark on the most important investment of your life.

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