A seaside community noted for its affluent real estate, are some of the most sought-after locations for home buyers.

Welcome to Falmouth

Oceanfront homes and anchorage like no other area

Falmouth is just to the north of Portland, which makes it a go-to destination for those seeking a second home on the waterfront or a true seaside home that’s close to it all. It’s noted as having the largest anchorage in the state. A large community with over 11,000 people nestled right onto the waterfront, Falmouth, and Falmouth Foreside, a seaside community noted for its affluent real estate, are some of the most sought-after locations for home buyers.

Quite the unspoiled region, it’s quite removed from the surrounding busy city. The homes for sale in this area are some of the most exclusive, with large footprints of over 2,000 and sometimes 6,000 square feet. It’s a community with stately homes, exceptional attention to architecture, and modern touches that help to bring the community into modern times.

What to Love

  • Picturesque beauty in all four seasons
  • Rocky beaches and sandy shores with endless boats docking in the bay
  • Private, secluded, and stately homes, often built with traditional charm

Local Lifestyle

Falmouth offers unspoiled natural areas spanning some 32 square miles along the coastline in a seaside community. That coast is mostly rocky and rural, but life in this area is no longer as focused on the fishing industry. Rather, it’s become a destination for relaxation, community, and conservation.

Falmouth Foreside is perhaps the most noted area. It’s a waterfront suburb that often draws tourists and locals looking for access to Casco Bay. It’s also where many of the more modern amenities exist. A destination for weekenders looking to break from a hectic life, Falmouth itself is a desirable place for anyone that loves the outdoors.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

When it comes to enjoying the finest things in life, that’s easy to do in Falmouth. For shopping, small shops exist throughout the city. The Falmouth Shopping Center is the main destination here, and most notably for routine needs and tourism items. West Falmouth Crossing is another shopping area, though it’s smaller.

The Dockside Grill is one of the best options for meals here, especially for those who want fresh foods served on the bayside patio with fabulous cocktails. Reservations are recommended. JP’s Bistro is a hip and modern location known for cocktails, fresh seafood, and Italian cuisine. Ricetta’s of Falmouth is a local treasure for those who love authentic pizza made with fresh ingredients and other Italian favorites.

Things to Do

The Portland Country Club is an 18-hole golf course with some of the best views of the water. It's home to pools and tennis courts along with formal dining, making it the destination in the city. Another option for golf lovers is Falmouth Country Club or The Woodlands. Both offer championship, eighteen-hole golf course, a fitness center, outdoor pool, practice greens, and fun meals.

For those looking for a more upscale experience, the Portland Yacht Club is home to races, cruises, and ample boating opportunities. There’s a nationally acclaimed training clinic here, the Junior Sailing Program. Also, the Mohegan Regatta takes place here.

While many people take to the water to enjoy the area’s best, there’s much more to do in Falmouth. It’s easy enough to take a day to visit the Mint Salon Block, ideal for those who need a massage or hair appointment. Additionally, there’s plenty taking place at the Footlights Theater with numerous productions each year.


Falmouth is know for having some of the top-rated schools in the state and nation. Students in this area are served by the Falmouth School Department, consisting of schools such as:

  • Falmouth High School, Grades 9 to 12
  • Falmouth Middle School, Grades 6 to 8
  • Falmouth Elementary School, Grades K – 5

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