It’s often called one of the most beautiful places on the coastline, and that’s why it’s become a bit more of a resort area, attracting many visitors each year.

Welcome to Scarborough

Sandy beaches, luxurious summer amenities, and a happy feel

Scarborough, Maine, is a small town just about 7 miles to the south of Portland. It’s often called one of the most beautiful places on the coastline, and that’s why it’s become a bit more of a resort area, attracting many visitors each year. Still, for the 22,000 people that call this their first or second home, it’s a vibrant place to live, especially for those who love the oceanfront amenities it offers.

Home styles in Scarborough, Maine, range widely, including everything from smaller bungalows to large Cape Cod-style homes. Estates, including some historic, renovated properties, also dot the landscape here. Larger custom-built homes are also common, often offering 4,000 or more square feet. This exclusive area is attractive for its amenities and architecturally beautiful homes.

What to Love

  • The destination to be especially during the summer months
  • Beach-lovers paradise, especially for those who love to surf
  • It’s unique, modern vibe in a naturally beautiful area

Local Lifestyle

Scarborough is an oceanfront community noted for its green pastures and classic New England lifestyle. The early Colonial homes here paint the picture of a community with an old history, though many are restored, vibrant places to call home.

The community itself has over 3,000 acres of wetlands, including the largest marsh in the state. Yet, people love the outdoors here, whether it is spending the weekend sailing, surfing, fishing, or exploring the parks. Some resorts in the area have opened the door to more tourism, but local residents treasure the amenities they have access to, including the beaches.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Along Route 1, a number of restaurants and shops exist, meeting the needs of locals and tourists. The Southern Maine Indoor Flea Market calls itself home here. The Gateway Shoppes at Scarborough provides for many local needs, as well.

A number of restaurants exist here, including the exclusive O’Reilly’s Cure, which is noted for its fine food and drinks. JoJo’s Thai Kitchen is a local favorite for those who want authentic, fresh cuisine. Or, for those looking for true coastal cuisine, Pine Point Grill is a solid choice. It offers fresh seafood, choice cuts of beef, and artisan pizzas.

The area is also known for its breweries, including Nonesuch River Brewing and Sebago Brewing Company, both of which offer fabulous local brews in a charming, upscale environment. St. Joes Café is perhaps the best place to grab breakfast with friends during the week or the freshest coffee on your way to work. It’s a locally run location with excellent breakfast meals.

Things to Do

At the heart of this community is the waterfront. Scarborough Beach State Park is one of the best for this, with its surf-quality waves and boogie boarding opportunities. The area has become the go-to destination for paddleboarding as well. Higgins Beach is another pristine coastline perfectly accessed by those looking for the very best waves. Ferry Beach is another area, this one more commonly used by locally owned boats. There’s a public launch here, and many also launch kayaks in this area. Many residents find the area’s parks to be a retreat.


The Scarborough School District provides for the public education of students in the area, including with schools such as:
  • Scarborough High School, Grades 9 to 12
  • Scarborough Middle School, Grades 6 to 8
  • Wentworth Intermediate School, Grades 3 to 5
  • Eight Corners Primary School, Grades K to 2
  • Blue Point Primary School, Grades K - 2

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